The Ginger Whinger.


Like most of us here in the UK I am tired of the continuing media focus on Harry and Meghan and especially now, as Harry`s autobiography Spare is live and on sale. I ordered my copy months ago keen to read from the horses mouth and his memoires certainly have caused some controversy. Differences of opinion are of course fine and we are all entitled to have views and opinions of our own.

Several of my friends are royalists and are horrified this book should ever have been published (by Penguin) they refer to Harry as the embittered and disappointed brother of our future king. I am not a royalist. When interviewed for ITV by Tom Bradby who asked him why he had written the book, Harry replied that after 38 years of having his story told by everyone else, he wanted to own it and present the simple truth. I appreciate the truth and I found Tom Bradbys interview thoughtful, compassionate, challenging and informed, I really enjoyed it.

Back to Harry.

I fail to understand how adults who appear to have more than a few brain cells, continue to call Harry and Meghan names. It is so puerile, so spiteful and offensive. It is a sort of bullying tactic designed I think, to disempower someone who simply wants to tell their story and why not, why should he not lift the lid? I think he is exceptionally brave to do so understanding as he does, the likely repercussions. Having his book published must feel like squeezing an enormous boil, how cathartic it must be. So I do not find Harry a whinger at all, far from it, he is telling it like it is for him and for his wife who he clearly adores. So I do not agree he is whinging.

My other issue is referring to Harry as Ginger. If this were intended in an affectionate way I could accept it but it is not. It is intended as a put down and it is thoroughly reprehensible and unacceptable. If the press harassed a woman in this way, there would and should be uproar. So I am happy for Harry that his book has become the fastest selling work of non-fiction EVER. Good on him and if you wish to make a criticism, then read it first and do not rely on the press as you will have a second hand and warped point of view. You do not have to buy it, it will be available at your local library and personally, I am finding the book well put together, engaging, honest and frank and I am enjoying the content.

His Pa did a similar thing in 1994 when, in collaboration with Johnathon Dimbleby, he published The Prince of Wales: A Biography, and no-one pointed the finger of fun at him! I think Harry has had a bit of a bum deal from his family and I hope he continues, as he put it in last night`s interview, to be in a good place where he is very happy.

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  1. oh well , I wrote a trilogy where some of the book was factual and lots was expanded and made up. I never sold over 400k books. just shows if you get the press TV and every social media does behind you either for or against , its a powerful marketing tool. as oscar wilde said. there is nothing worse about being talked about than not not being talked about. I for one wont buy or read the book as Im far too busy writing playing piano and supporting my wife as she wins lots of tennis matches. Arnt I good x

    • Mr. Benson, your comments always make me smile, thank you. In 1960 something, I developed tonsilitis and had to sit all of my mock GCE’s in the tennis hut at school. Your wife is pretty amazing!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful and compassionate review, Helen. Normally, I avoid celebrity media, but I did watch the “Harry and Megan” series on Netflix and felt a great deal of concern and compassion for them both. I remember experiencing a similar reaction to Elizabeth’s life in the early episodes of “The Crown.” Losing one’s freedom to simply be human in order to become a slave or a victim to a system of power is tragic from my perspective, especially in that system is based on unearned privilege to oppress and exploit others.

    Sending my best wishes to you, and sending you blessings for the new year. đź’ś