My place in England. For Carol Hands.


Carol, my friend across the water, you are so gifted a writer and post some absolutely beautiful photographs of the area where you live and of your family, I thought I would reciprocate with a few pictures from Birmingham, where I live in the UK. Oh and one or two of my family.

The picture above is of my little Yorkie, Alfie, my constant companion and Elmdon Park nearby, there are seven cygnets on the lake.

When people read history books, Birmingham is often portrayed as very industrial, a smog of dirty air sitting above it and old, tumble down factories and chimneys dotting the landscape. In reality, Birmingham is an architecturally beautiful and culturally diverse city of almost one and half million people speaking over 200 different languages. We have lots of green spaces and some of the most beautiful parks in the UK are situated in Birmingham. And lakes, we have several lakes here too, where if you fancy it you can go wild water swimming.

My actor son Jesse, here he is a mad professor in his latest production and my snaggy toothed cat, Mixie.

In 1984 we bought our house in The Avenue, it was £22,000. Now it is valued at £245,00 pounds and we are currently updating the kitchen and dining room. It`s a lovely old Edwardian villa and we have some of the best neighbours imaginable.

This is my front garden.

Every day I walk my rescue dog Alf, he is joined to me at the hip and has been my companion for almost ten years. Alfie is my social life, there is a large community of dog walkers out there and I have come to know some of them well.

The black cat Mixie, belongs to my daughter Rebecca. Mixie came to visit one summer while Becky was on holiday and just decided to stay. I love his snaggy tooth.

I hope you like the pictures, my daughter Becky has five children and they are all gorgeous. They take after their grandmother ha ha.

Kitchen refurb.

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  1. Dear Helen, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos and reflections. I love learning more about your wonderful family, your lovely home and gardens, and the city where you live. And I am deeply touched by your kind words. Thank you for your kindness, dear friend. Sending love and gratitude across the water. 💜