In memory of Suzette Biggs.


I was extremely saddened to learn today of the death of my friend and neighour, Suzette Biggs who passed away at home last Friday aged just 52.

Like me, Suzette had breast cancer and unfortunately when she found out about hers, it had already reached stage four. Suzette had other health issues too, for years she suffered from chronic fibromyalgia which affected her mobility and was sometimes terribly painful.  In spite of this, Suzette had an incredibly cheerful disposition and was always there to help others out or just to share a cuppa and a chat with a friend.

When she learned that I had breast cancer, she was one of the first people to come and see me and ask if there was anything she could do. She was reassuring and positive and I cannot really put into words how helpful and kind of her that was and how much it meant to me.  We took the opportunity with our time together to have a good old chin wag over many cups of tea and we always ended up laughing about something or other, or someone but not in a horrible way for Suzette did not have a malicious bone in her body.

She and I became quite close and even went for bra fittings together once all our cancer treatment was finished.  In the warm weather, Suzette could  often be found wrapped up in her lovely fleecy dressing gown, carrying her beautiful bosom before her, leaning over the front garden wall to chat to her friends and neighbours passing by.

Suzette was very fond of (my ex) Tony and I would sometimes come home from an outing and she would call me in to the kitchen to see her giving him a huge hug.  She thought it was very funny because Tony is so rotund but Suzette could still wrap her long arms around him as she was a tall woman. She was extremely close to her family and often spoke to me about them with immense pride, love and affection, especially about her daughters.  Suzette was a bright and bubbly spark of loveliness in what can sometimes be a dull old world and I shall miss her very much.

Suzette Biggs.  1966 – 2017



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  1. Hi I have just read your blog and wondered if you were talking about Suzy at 151? If you are then this has come as quite a shock to me. I know she was in hospital recently but her daughter said she had a urinary infection and was coming home that night. I knew about her fibromyalgia but did not know she was more seriously ill. She has not been out much lately but in the Winter you do not see your neighbours so much. I am sorry you have lost a dear friend whether it is her or not. If you hear any more do let me know please. I hope you are keeping well yourself. Lots of love, God Bless, Pamela X

    • Hello Pamela, yes it is that Suzy and her funeral is this morning at 11.30 up at Yardley Cemetery.

      On a lighter note, I am really well thank you and I have a job which starts in April. Do pop in and have a cuppa sometime, if my old red car with the dog paws on it is outside, then I am in. If you want to say goodbye to Suzette, then come and knock the door, I shall leave around 11.10am. xx