Beating the Banana.


My little book is now out on Kindle.

Woo hoo!



About A night in with Nelly

I work with people who have a dementia. I am mother to Jesse, currently in Vienna and Rebecca who lives here. I have five grandchildren. I am an avid writer and have had a number of journalistic articles and two bookettes published. I believe in breathing, smiling and swimming in the ocean. :)

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    • Hello and thanks so much for getting in touch. The little book is about my journey with breast cancer, which I always called banana because I felt it disempowered the disease. I had no idea about the euphemism until my daughter informed me. When I`d finished laughing I asked my publisher if I should change the title and he said absolutely not! So we kept it, it makes me smile every time I think about it.

      Love from Helen.