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Just a quick update for anyone interested…..
My chemo has now finished and I am absolutely over the moon about that. My hair should start to grow back in about a month and I am also very excited about that as lots of people have told me it`s likely to grow back an entirely different colour and curly.  Hah!
I went to see the surgeon to talk about the next bit, which is surgery followed by some radiotherapy.  Mr. Basu is a beautiful man, both inside and out as I observed from the wonderful interactions between him and the staff of the breast care unit at Birmingham Women`s Hospital.
He checked me over. He said, “There are 2 options available for you. The first one is to have a lumpectomy to the breast that has been affected by the banana. This will result in some puckering and scarring and your breast will be a different shape to the other one, however, it is the simplest option for you.  The other option is for me to do a breast reduction in both breasts, which will offer you uplift and symmetry as well as taking away any remaining banana.  Which would you prefer do you think?”
At first I said the first option would be fine. Then the sister took me aside and we had a chat. It was clear she thought I was bonkers.  I said that I felt guilty about the cost to the NHS involved in the second option and she said, “how long have you been working?” I said since I was 16. She said, “Well I think you can dispense with any guilt then don`t you?”
I went back to see the doc` and said I would take the second option so I am going for surgery on July 7th and as you can imagine, I feel very fortunate to come out of a very difficult experience on a much more positive note.  He drew a picture for me of what he was going to do.
Later on I said to my old boss Mike Scorer,  “of course the op` will mean I have the boobs of a forty year old, attached to the body of a sixty two year old,”  and he said, “Could`ve been worse Hel, could`ve been the other way round!”

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  1. I love reading your Nelly post Helen they are an inspiration. My thoughts & best wishes for your next procedure. 😜👍