One down, five to go…..


Eleven days after my first chemotherapy treatment, thank the Lord life is pretty much on track again. The first week was absolutely horrible as anyone who has undergone chemo will most likely tell you.  Actually, I have discovered that some people positively relish telling you the most unpleasant bits you may have to look forward to. Ghoul like drool slathers down their chins as they describe the various toxic side effects of chemo while they check out your reaction.  My take is that they were probably already toxic, hah! Anyways, clear off down yer own end ghoul face.  Then you also meet the sad survivors who gaze at you, doe eyes gathering sparkly tears in the corners as they whisper quietly in mournful tones…..  “it`s your journey Helen and only you can travel the path….”  Yes well bugger off if you don`t mind sad person, jog on.

So far my path hasn`t been that bad. The worst things to put up with have been aching joints (nothing a good dose of co-codamol can`t deal with) and itchy skin. I asked my local chemist what would be the best treatment for my itchy skin and he said E45, so I asked him why and he said, “because it`s really cheap!”  He`s not wrong and although it took 2 or 3 days to work, to my huge delight it does.  Hurrah.  It`s a case of trial and error and I realised quite early on that I don`t have to lie on the sofa all day feeling miserable, there is an antidote to almost any discomfort.  Talking of lying on the sofa, the house I live in is old and large and draughty so most afternoons I wrap myself up in a rather nice teal velvet throw to get warm and have a doze, my head poking out at the top.  My little dog Alfie lies beside me like a small, hairy hot water bottle. The other day this harmless action led to Mr. Inman (who I share the house with) entering the sitting room with a nice cup of coffee for me.  His greeting?  “Hello my little blue maggot, how are you today?”  It`s a good job I don`t offend easily.

My taste buds have altered, I can no longer drink tea which is very odd as I have been an avid tea belly all my life. Like a pregnant woman I long for porridge and cereal (weird) I chuck gallons of water down my neck every day, I want rice, plain rice and soy sauce. I`m being led by my body and I`m losing weight. I can`t eat any processed food at the moment as the result is raging indigestion and I eat a little white meat and plain fish from time to time. My favourite thing to slurp is gluten free, organic lentil soup which I found in Sainsburys.  It`s called Amy`s Kitchen soup.  It`s delicious and I could live on it, I practically am and by the way, the next person who calls me Helen Longfork runs a serious risk of being head butted.  (Joke!)

So all in all, may this manageability continue with my second treatment which is due on March 11th. A few days` blissful respite before the next bit but bring it on! I really mean that, no honestly I do!   🙂







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  1. Well done on number one, I always would have a donut or a cream cake while having chemo…makes it more enjoyable, xx