Mammories are made of this……..


The doc` was very nice when he delivered the news that I have breast banana but as I wrote in my last post, it wasn`t entirely unexpected.  I have two small lumps in my left breast, they are two different kinds of banana and I have to have a fairly hefty whack of treatment which begins in a few days` time and will continue on and off for about a year.

I know that many people use a lot of fighting language when they are discussing friends or family members` “battles” with banana however, I was always a bit of a Buddhist and I prefer to use gentle language and loving approaches to conflict as I hate to be at war.

When my mum was first diagnosed way back in 1981 her friends used to say, “Oh Bess, you must fight this!”  Someone suggested she imagine a small army marching through her blood stream, on the war path.  I`m sure this works for some people however my mother thought it a thoroughly silly idea and generally poured herself a glass of whiskey instead, insisting that this would have a far more beneficial effect for her.  I`m a lot like my mother although I prefer gin. I think I am going to treat me and my banana kindly.  I`m going to nurture me and say kind things to me and to my banana, it must be awful to be so unwanted.  I shall eat nice things, go to lovely places, spend time with wonderful people and all the while sending a gentle and positive message…..

“I know you wanted to say hi but honestly, it`s time for you to leave now…..”

I have had so many people sending me love and prayers and jokes and positive thoughts I feel incredibly supported and valued and absolutely engulfed with love so thank you for all of that.  It means a great deal and there are people and children who are in a far, far worse position than me.

I`ll be back next week meanwhile have a listen to this to bring a smile to your face……


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  1. A night in with Nellie…what an endearing title for your blog…I saw your comment on Carol A Hand’s blog, read some of your posts and I am now one of your devoted followers…BLOG ON !!