Yes we have no bananas!


It`s no secret, I`ve told most of my family and close friends, I had a couple of biopsies earlier this week for small lumps in my left breast, undetected by me yet discovered by a mammogram, I get the results next Monday. DON`T EVER FORGET TO GO FOR YOUR MAMMOGRAM LADIES!  Very important.

My mum had breast cancer and so did my gran` so it`s been in the back of my mind that I might also get it one day although several nurses have told me over the years that I am at no more significant risk than any other member of the population.  Honestly, I have always found that hard to believe and I`m still going to ask for genetic counselling I think, to satisfy my curiosity.

So in a strange way, I felt almost a sense of relief when I was shown my mammogram because now at last I can face it, whatever it is and deal with it. I know it might be nothing at all to worry about but I have seen the ultra sound and I`m one third of a nurse so I`m pretty sure what the results will be.  I`m only facing what thousands of women in the UK and millions all over the world face every day, united in sisterhood and occasionally, brotherhood as men can get breast cancer too.

If I have cancer then I have decided to rename it banana. In my mind this disempowers it and anyway, it makes me smile.  No offence bananas.

Some members of my family (you know who you are) have already begun singing to me;  “All my life, I`ve been a-kissing, your right breast `cos the left one`s missing…. “   which my mother also put up with when she was first diagnosed at around the same age as me. Mum continued to live out her life, minus one breast (“I was so disappointed Helen, I`ve only lost two pounds!”) irreverently, with much laughter and always surrounded by good friends and family who loved her very much so if it`s not very good news and I find out I`ve got banana, I s`pect I shall do the same. As my dear mum used to say to me, I have no intention of popping off just yet.

So – all prayers are welcome here. Any crass comments or politically incorrect jokes will not be found at all offensive, I could do with a laugh. Fingers crossed and I`ll keep you posted.



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