Crumbling Monuments……


Many of the lovely people who read my blog, already know, I suffer with very painful hips. Well – it`s now official, I have arthritis in my hips, pelvis, pubis and lower spine. Who would`ve thought you could have an arthritic pubis! Hah! It doesn`t bear thinking about…..

My G.P. the wonderful Dr. Cameron (would you be wanting a nice cup of tea Dr. Cameron?) asked me how I manage the pain so I told him, “gin and tonic Dr. C.” A little smile played about his face.

Actually I have been doing what most of us try, I`ve been taking copious amounts of Ibuprofen with the accompanying possible side effects of bleeding of the stomach lining, liver damage and sudden death, or Paracetamol which don`t do a thing for me, or Co-codemol which makes most people extremely constipated. I`m full of s**t as it is without aiding it further so although they are marvellous at killing the pain, I keep them for the really bad times and stick with the G & T.

Dr. Cameron has suggested I lose weight. He says that even 7lbs weight- loss will make a tremendous difference so if I can lose the four stone of excess I am carrying about, who knows what may be possible. I could become a ballet dancer, or a deep sea diver! But seriously, I really must do as he says because being in constant pain is very debilitating, it brings me down and makes me feel tired almost all of the time and quite frankly, I`ve had enough. I do not wish to remain (as my dear cousin Julia recently put it to me) but a crumbling monument of who I was and there is nothing to be gained by feeling rotten yet be unwilling to do anything about it.

So – here we go day one. I`ll keep you posted and goodbye dear friend, (that`s sad isn`t it, giving alcohol a persona…..)  and hello honey and cinnamon in a nice cup of hot water – super!



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