How to get ill and how to get better.


How to get ill.

Drink too much alcohol or take a lot of drugs and then complain about how tired you are all the time.

Listen to a lot of sad, maudlin music and songs that remind you of the past.

Put rubbish into your mouth, only live on chips and never eat any vegetables or fruit.

Become constipated, that way you can be full of shit – literally.

Never take any exercise or get out and gaze at green spaces.

Dwell on all the most miserable times in your life, on when you have been hurt in the past, think only about them until you are so full of sadness, loss and regret, you are immobilised by your feelings.

Don`t do anything to help anyone else, especially voluntarily.

Watch mindless TV all day and all night, especially those programmes where couples come on and fight live on air.

Feel sorry for yourself to the point where you become a victim of your own thoughts.

Don`t get enough sleep.

Hang around with a lot of unwell people and swap misery.

How to get better:

Drink alcohol in moderation, as something to enjoy socially. The same with drugs or kick them out of your life, wave them bye bye with a smile.

Listen to music that makes you happy, that makes you sing or want to dance, dancing is great even if you aren`t with anyone else. Buy some inspirational tapes and listen to them every day.  Wayne Dwyer is my favourite, he`s fab`, so is Paul McKenna.

Eat food that you enjoy, take a cookery course!  Make sure you eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, in fact grow your own! Get an allotment or share one.

Don`t allow yourself to become constipated.  Constipation slows us down and makes us feel really unwell.  Given enough time it can affect our behaviour as our body can`t rid itself of toxins and we become poisoned by our own waste. Eat healthily and if all else fails, take a fibre supplement.  I sometimes take Fibreforce, it`s fantastic.

Get out and about, go for a walk every day.  Offer to walk someone`s dog, volunteer at your local animal rescue, animals are wonderful at making us feel loved.

Look in the mirror at least once a day and say to yourself, I love you, you are a fantastic person.

Breathe and smile, allow yourself to laugh at the absurdity of life.

If you find yourself dwelling on past hurt, take yourself out of it distract yourself by doing any or all of the above.

Do something to help someone else every day, even a small thing like holding a door open or stepping out of someone`s path on the street and SMILE.

Switch the TV on only if you have to and try not to watch upsetting programmes.

Get a job voluntarily and give something to your community.

Join a choir or a drama group.

Hang around with happy people and have a laugh every day.

Sleep plenty.  Sleep is good.  Sleep repairs and heals.

If you make a mess of things, forgive yourself and move on.    🙂

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I`m retired but work 2 days a week with the Carers Trust.. I am mother to Jesse who currently lives in Vienna and Rebecca who lives here in the UK I have a number of books published on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. I like breathing, laughing, eating, cooking and swimming in the ocean.

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