Pinfold Farm. Epilogue.


Eventually, after the death of my grandparents in the early nineteen fifties, Sid and Bess decided to sell up the farm.  It was a sad day with all the paraphernalia that existed to keep the Victorian farmer at one with the world.  Gone were the duck guns, walking stick gun and their powder flasks.  The four poster bed went, the table and chairs too. A heavy wooden sideboard was also sold and when it was manhandled away from the wall where it had stood for a century, beneath it, written on the stone floor backwards in chalk was the word, “wait”.  Naturally, Sid and Bess wondered if it was a message from the resident ghost, trying to tell them something.  Bess wiped the chalk away but the following day the word had returned so that is where it stayed.  The sisters and Sid moved out and the farm was purchased by a man from along the road, Mr. Leonard.  He was most proud of the ghost and a write up appeared in a Sunday newspaper with a picture of an old lady in a crinoline dress.  It was not the ghost of course but one of dear old aunty Annie.

Sid stayed at 263 Yardley Road where he plied the trade of a florist (quite successfully) until he moved to pastures new in Throckmorton.

Muriel went to live with her aunt Lillian in a small cottage in Knowle. When Lillian died Muriel then went to live with Bess, my mum.  Aunty Mu passed away when I was about thirteen years old.

My mother and father lived out their lives in a wonderful, rambling flat above the Midland Bank in Acocks Green.

Pinfold Farm or Pinfold House as it is now named, remained in a state of great disrepair for many years. it was recently auctioned and bought for around £85,000.  It is currently being lovingly and sympathetically restored.  It is a Grade 2 listed building and a wonderful example of a Georgian period house.




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  1. Have read all of your Pinfold memories with such pleasure. My great-great-grandmother was Elizabeth Mansfield born 1836.Thankyou so much for helping my research to have “mind pictures” as I do not have any photos of any of them to imagine what they may have looked like. This has at least given me an insight into their lives.Will follow you to see what may come up !! Many many thanks for sharing this. Lesleyann.

  2. Thank you so much, I am happy that you enjoyed my mother`s memories of growing up. How on earth did you stumble upon my blog and does this mean we are related?