Pinfold Farm Chapter 9. Canal Capers.


After the First World War there were three horses on the farm, Captain Tommy, Darky and Daisy.  They could sometimes be found in the rick yard and at others in Tiffield (now the name of the road) with the cows.  It was Daisy’s job to take the trap out when the family went visiting.  In her later years poor old Daisy became quite feeble and suffered with rheumatism.  On occasions she couldn’t get up off the ground after her sleep (I know the feeling well!)  Captain Tommy was a good, strong horse and rather attached to Daisy so he would help her rise by grabbing her mane and pulling.  Captain Tommy was an ex-army horse who had served inFrancepulling gun carriages.  His military upbringing showed when one of the all too frequent funerals of army personnel took place across the road at Yardley cemetery.  No sooner had Captain Tommy heard the regimental band playing than he was rushing around his field, ears pricked up and prancing in recognition of past comrades.

Across the road from Tiffield is theGrandUnionCanal.  One afternoon when my grandmother and grandfather were courting, they had walked down to the tow path for a stroll when suddenly they heard a splash.  My grandfather charged down the tow path until he came upon a bald headed man in the water.  Throwing his coat off my grandad proceeded to rescue him with assistance from another passer-by.  They got the man to the bank safely, apparently he had been attempting suicide.  On another occasion again while he was out on a stroll, he noticed a throng of spectators including a sailor in full uniform, up on the canal bridge.  They were all watching a woman struggling in the water.  She was up to her waist, frantically trying to save her child from the bottom of the canal.  My grandfather plunged in and rescued the child from what might otherwise have been a watery grave.

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