Pinfold Farm Chapter 5. Transport.


The pleasure of sitting in Ted Lee’s car must have awoken a yearning in Sid because while he was still in his youth he bought a belt driven Triumph motor cycle on which he patrolled the neighbourhood. He went further a-field on it of course, he drove to Lapworth to go fishing and to Chessett’s Wood where an aunt lived. The aunt was probably on his father’s side of the family because on one memorable occasion, Sid’s father (my grandfather) rode pillion with him on a trip down there.

After driving through Knowle, Sid encountered a very sharp left hand bend around which he had to negotiate the bike and his pillion passenger. Sid of course leaned to the corner but his father didn’t. Happily for them both, the corner was negotiated but only because both sides of the road were used! A lecture on how to ride pillion on a motorbike was thus administered to Sid’s father before the journey was continued. His father liked the motorcyle but never learned how to control it properly.   He tried it round the fold yard but with too many rev’s and a great deal of on/off clutch action, it was a good job the machine was belt driven.

Sid replaced the motorcycle with a Clyno car, a two-seater with a dicky seat. This car became Sid’s pride and joy and he enjoyed taking various friends and relatives for rides in it.  For his uncle Will, it was his first time in a motor car and he wasn’t terribly impressed with the seats.  They were far too low! 

Uncle Will went into the brew house and rummaged around until he emerged with a beer crate. This he placed on the passenger seat and perched himself upon the crate.  Now he was at the “proper” height, for a pony and trap at least.  He then allowed Sid to drive him around the local lanes.  Uncle Will could see quite clearly over the hedgerows but Sid recalls that he blushed quite red with the embarrassment.


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