What gets my goat.


Two things have proper got my goat today.


 The first one this morning were the lewd expressions on the faces of the male news readers on BBC Breakfast today who were reporting on the olympics and presenting a short piece on the women’s volleyball. The lift of the eye brows, the ‘nudge nudge, wink wink’ innuendo written all over their idiotic faces, for God’s sake men haven’t you seen a woman’s arse before? Whoever made bloody volleyball into an Olympic sport anyway? 
The second thing we are all talking about in our office today is the news about what is going on in our cities….

It’s no good calling the rioters Proletarians as one face booker put it yesterday, they’re far too young for such notions of politics for the rioters as we all now understand, are mostly kids some as young as nine or ten. I just don’t get it. I have grandchildren ranging from five up to sixteen and if we didn’t know where the little ones all were after 7pm at night we’d be frantic. If my 16 year old grandson took part in anything like this, heaven forbid, I would be shocked and deeply ashamed and think, where did we go wrong?

This morning there was an adult male on the news saying that he was on the streets supporting the rioters because “They feel like they aren’t being listened to.” Listened to about what? These are children, they have no particular beef with the government even though they may say that they do. For example, two sixteen year old girls were given news time today and said, “well, we’re rioting against the government, it’s the Conservatives innit, or is it Labour?” Well for goodness’ sake young women, if you’re going to preach anarchy at least get to know and understand your politics.

Oh and you will no doubt be pleased to hear that my colleague Dave told me today, someone on the radio was reported as saying that if England win the cricket it will give the country a lift. Well I don’t know about you but I for one am anxiously awaiting the results of the match at Edgbaston……

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