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    I drink too much and that’s bad for me. My favourite tipple is a nice, soft Californian red which if only I could stick to a glass after dinner is not only good for my heart but the antioxidant qualities of red wine will help to prevent breast cancer. Since both my grandmother (as written about here in Tales from Pinfold) and my mother Bess had breast cancer then you would have thought that this compelling information might be all that I needed to persuade me to reduce my intake, but you’d be wrong for I have never had a glass of wine in my life. A bottle yes! A glass, hardly ever.

    Don’t misunderstand me for I’m not an overbearing lush with a bulbous nose, halitosis and thread veins. I’m a happy drinker. I have a drink, have a chat, enjoy a laugh and go to bed but alcohol has its downside and this is becoming more evident to me the older I become. Take my weight for example. If alcohol is out of my life, I weigh in at a steady ten stone without even trying. Put a drink in my hands however and over a period of a year or two, I balloon up to fourteen stone which is what I am currently. This is not good, particularly as I already know I have high blood pressure. Being fourteen stone is unenjoyable on so many levels for a little woman like me. It makes me sedentary, it makes me uncomfortably hot at this time of year and as far as buying any fashionable clothes goes, well, you can kiss that notion goodbye because fashion designers only make fashionable clothes for people who are ten stone or under. So. What to do……

    In my quest to become healthier, to try to get a firmer grip on my intake of alcohol and let’s face it, save myself a whole load of dosh I have trodden a number of paths over the years. I went to Aquarius (too earnest) I went to AA ( too cult like) I went to speak to an independent counsellor who looked uncomfortable listening to my story and kept on watching the clock. The most successful periods of abstinence for me were when I was pregnant oh happy liver, when I was dieting oh joyous kidneys and when I lived for a while with a recovering alcoholic so drink was completely off the agenda. I’ve never felt so healthy in my life! (There were other things going on that weren’t so good but that’s another story,) anyway;

    As I lay awake this morning contemplating this lovely day before me I thought, there must be lots of women who can relate to what I’m writing about here. I like women, I’ve always found women to be most supportive and wonderful human beings and that’s when it struck me! I’LL START A LADIES’ TEA CLUB, for ladies who like to drink tea. We can take it in turns to host it and meet once a month. We can talk about anything we like or we can talk about absolutely nothing at all, there will be no rules and you can smoke in the garden if you like.

    I love tea. Yorkshire is my favourite followed by Everyday. Once when I was travelling in southern India, I strolled through tea plantations and was intoxicated by the heady perfume of the blossom which is part of the camellia family. I crushed some flowers and put them in my rucksack and it smelled sweetly for days afterwards. During the day I love fruit tea, especially red fruits, I enjoy the smokey flavour of redbush, I love mint tea with a dollop of honey and I love soothing camomile just before bed. So you see, even writing this indicates to me that I am on my way, oh yes, a change is gonna come!

    If you are interested in coming along to my tea group then either message me here or leave a comment with your contact details and I’ll get back to you.

    Have a lovely day – slurp!

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I`m retired but work 2 days a week with the Carers Trust.. I am mother to Jesse who currently lives in Vienna and Rebecca who lives here in the UK I have a number of books published on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. I like breathing, laughing, eating, cooking and swimming in the ocean.

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