Mushroom curry.


Yesterday I found myself with a large punnet of field mushrooms which were just on the cusp so rather than throw them away I thought, “I know, I’ll make a mushroom and lentil curry.” Genius, so I set about it. I chopped and peeled and peeled and chopped some more and added bits of this and that but the mushroom gills were so black, I ended up with a dish resembling something akin to chronic diao diorr diarho like someone had done a big plop. When I tried tasting it, it was like chewing curried slugs. Usually I am a good cook, however I would not recommend this dish. I’m sorry, it’s gone down the loo, it seemed only fitting. Thank the Lord it’s biodegradeable. Possibly.

 I was listening to some one-liners today and I thought this one was funny, so I’ll share it with you;
I was talking to a nurse earlier and I asked her what she thought was the biggest challenge for the NHS today and she said to me, “Holby City.” Or she might have said obesity only she was eating a cake at the time.
Anyway, I thought it might be nice to walk Alfie in Elmdon Park for a change of scenery. The sun was out and it was a beautiful, late afternoon….. until we started to walk when suddenly, the heavens opened and we both ended up almost drownded. He didn’t mind a bit.  The car now smells of wet dog and that’s just me.
 I‘m really happy. You know when you go through a time when everything is just lovely. This is one of those times.

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