Once bitten twice fly.


When my children were small, my dad used to write little stories for them for bedtime. In a recent clear out, my daughter found a story he had penned for her when she was about five, preserved in his unique and very beautiful script. I’ve put it here for posterity and because it’s funny.

“Good morning Mr. Fly,” said Mrs. Spider, “you are looking well I must say, you have put on a nice bit of weight since I last saw you.”

“Yes,” said Mr. Fly, “my wife has discovered a new butcher in the High Street and we have both had some jolly good feeds off the offal he stores at the rear of the shop.”

“Oh dear,” said Mrs, Spider, “I wish I could find something to feed on, I haven’t had a good meal since my poor husband went missing.”

Sorry about your husband,” said Mr. Fly, “any idea where he may be?”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Spider, “I know where he is but I don’t want to talk about it now, it’s too painful to think about.”

“Would you care to come into my parlour?” said Mrs. Spider, “we could have a real old talk about so many things.”

“No thank you,” said Mr.Fly, “the last time you invited me into your parlour, I got caught up in the curtains and had an awful job to get out again. I managed it in the end but I broke a wing and spent ten days in flyspital waiting for it to mend.”

“Well, you won’t have that sort of trouble now,” said Mrs.Spider, “the curtain mesh is much wider now and you can fly straight through it.”

“Oh, alright,” said Mr. Fly, “I’ll be with you in two buzzes.”

“Hey!” said Mr. Fly, “you told me the mesh was much wider and here I am, well and truly stuck again.”

“Did I say that?” said Mrs. Spider, “I should have said the back room mesh, not the parlour mesh, shall I come and help you out?”

“I think I can manage,” said Mr. Fly, “here we go again, another busted wing, what will my wife say…… ”

Jack Pitt  Circa 1985

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